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Admins: Mark, Marley, Vion
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1. No hacking
2. No micspam if you have a gay annoying voice or soundboard
3. No grooming children

Welcome to TF2 DOT TPNG!

TF2 DOT TPNG is a free-speech alternative to other casual servers such as Skial and At TPNG, we believe that many, if not most, TF2 players simply want to play casual without any bots. However, most solutions to this are dominated by degenerate trannies who will ban you for saying mean words or for having political opinions. For example, half of the mods at TF2 DOT TPNG are permanently banned from because we don't support trans rights. There is no real appeal system. It is entirely political.

While it is true that the majority of TF2 DOT TPNG mods are right-wing, we welcome all players who want to play in a community that isn't a safe space, or anyone who wants to play in general. We all just want to play like the good old days!

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